Containment Not An Option

by Guy T Wehman on August 26, 2014

Over the past few days the discussion has been what to do concerning ISIS. The president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has come out and said that ISIS must be contained. The DOD, Department of Defense is saying that ISIS needs to be defeated. Although to some, these may seem to be reasonable options, however digging deeper one must realize the following in make the decision:

1) ISIS is EVIL. At their very core they have NO acceptance for any other thought or concept of living except for their extreme thinking. ISIS will resort to any means necessary to achieve their means. Their hearts are so full of hatred and bitterness, there is no way of reaching an agreement or negotiating with them. Which leads to the next point.

2) ISIS is RUTHLESS. At every point along the way, the world has witnessed the brutal killings by ISIS. Beheadings, children being killed, rapes, mutilations. If one does not fall into their mold – then ISIS will do whatever to eliminate.

The 10/40 Window3) ISIS is claiming RELIGION. The 10-40 Window is the region that is mostly Muslim. ISIS will not stay in the window. When any group is totally sold out to their religion and is militantly going about achieving their end – ie: the Crusades in Medieval times, the group will not stop until gone. This group is worse than Nazi Germany under Hitler. with religion in the mix, surrender is not an option for them. Even Japan with two bombs dropped gave up – ISIS will never concede.

4) ISIS will not STOP. ISIS wants to totally gain access to the entire region if not the entire world. They are hell-bent on dominating the world at all costs.

What do we do? afghanistan_warContain? Defeat? I submit that the only real answer to the ISIS dilemma is to eliminate. As harsh as that may seem, they must be annihilated. Totally destroyed! If not, they will come back. The problem with this way of thinking is that the President of the United States, lacks the conviction and the ethical core it takes to do the job. We as Americans must continue to put pressure on the leaders, or should we say the followers of the polls, to get the ethical and moral core and fiber that it will take. Our southern border is porous and once ISIS and the Drug Cartels get married, America will be in real trouble.

Praying-Hands-over-BibleTake action, pressure congress and pray for God’s protection on this great country that He does not withdraw His blessing on us.

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