What Cause Today?

by Guy T Wehman on August 27, 2014

cause-marketing_101_330x150Every generation, every region, community, group of people or even individual has either longed for or fought for a cause. Within the human spirit, our nature is a desire to belong, be accepted and give to what we believe. Dating back thousands of years we see evidence of this through history.

Religion is the most notable purpose that people look to and identify. The cause of Christ for the Christians, the Muslims, ISIS, the list goes on. Most recently we have seen the racial tensions in Ferguson, MO explode. The death of one individual shot by another. It is unfortunate how this event transpired, unfortunate that this black teen is no longer with us and also unfortunate the manner of which the shooting took place – especially by the gun of a police officer. Justice must be played out.

Campus BurningI recall, in the 1960’s the “cause” of the Vietnam War. The sit-ins, the burning of the various ROTC buildings on college campuses, the shooting at Kent State University. I also recall the racial tension of the 60’s as well; the Civil Rights Movement, rioting in the streets of many large cities, people hurt, some killed and lives affectekentstate May4d forever. I recall the “free love” era with that anything goes mentality; at the same time “illegal drugs” were being used, ie: marijuana, LSD, etc..

NOW – it’s the most recent cause… and being stirred by the usual suspects, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.. Before an event of the what happened in Ferguson, MO occurred you could predict they would be there.

When will it stop? The answer is never. The “Cause People” don’t want it to stop. They would be out of work. They don’t want peace. They do desire the entitlements and the handouts, yet still at the core they believe someone or group of someones should pay a price. They continue to hold a grudge. Yes, there is an inequality, yes all is not fair. AND YES, it does take hard work to get ahead. Nothing is for free, it must be earned.

Having said that, haven’t we as a nation paid enough dues and talked about the “causes” enough and earned enough to move forward? Obviously there are factions on both sides that are too stubborn to listen and want peace and “genuinely” conciliate to each other to get to the next phase.

What Cause Today? Pick one, because there will be another incident, another gathering and we can all say “Been there, done that!”.

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