America CAN Come Back!

by Guy T Wehman on September 3, 2014

America has been through some of the toughest years since, the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, WW1 and WW2, the 60’s and the Civil Rights Act, The Vietnam War, The resignation of President Nixon, The Carter Years, high mortgage rates (in the double digits) and the incredible events surrounding September 11, 2001. However the assault on America now is even more serious when there is a President who knowingly is choosing to dismantle our constitutional rights and make the United States a weaker nation in the world.

declarationWith the emergence of ISIS and the growing threat of Russia on Ukraine, America has a unique opportunity to regain its place as a country and bastion…

[noun \ˈbas-chən\ 1:  a projecting part of a fortification 2:  a fortified area or position}

…of freedom and security.

No one wishes for war. No one wants destruction and killing, yet the world is wanting the parent to stand up in the world and say enough and to STOP the nonsense, the chaos and the utter disregard for human life. Just like in “Sherman’s March To The Sea” authorized by President Lincoln, America NOW needs to step up to  the plate.

ShermansMarchCartoon1) It’s time to break out the weapon arsenal and drop the BIG ONE on northern Syria and northern Iraq. Just like a tumor that has metastasized, it’s time to excise the lesion. Some radiation therapy. In a recent article that I wrote, ISIS cannot be contained or managed as President Barack Hussein Obama insists, it must be destroyed. Eliminated!

2) Drill Baby, Drill! It’s time to open up the energy reserves of this country and once and for all stop energy dependance on the middle east. The Arab countries have gotten wealthy on our insatiable appetite for oil and energy. We have it – let’s put them back to the camel age and take our wealth and put it in our hands again.

2a) By opening up our energy reserves, we have also put Russia’s threat against Europe in a chastity belt. Russia’s oil will sit there and the European countries won’t feel helpless.

3) Seal The Border! Stop the influx of illegals into this country. Seal the southern border, the northern and secure this country.

In just a few moves, yes a “strategy”, the world will take notice and not just hear the flowery words of an impotent president, but see it in actions and will say “AMERICA IS BACK!”.

This country can be turned around. This country, the greatest nation on earth can come back!

BTW – Obama Care also needs repealed, the IRS gone, and to rebuild our economy – rebuild the military. With building back our military it will bring back jobs and help heal the economy.

Let’s Go America! America CAN Come Back!


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