A New Type of War

by Guy T Wehman on March 24, 2020

The world since WW1 changed. Then it was the Great Depression, then WW2, the Cold War raised caution around the world with nuclear warfare. The Space Race changed much of what we enjoy. Then there was the ousting of the Shaw of Iran, the hostages and a new type of war – Jihad. Oil prices and lines shot up overnight as the world witnessed the battle of over who and what country has the oil and the rise of OPEC.

The Berlin wall came down, big tech boomed and the internet exploded with new ways to connect and use of retail.

Then was 911. Virtually everyone alive on September 11th can remember where there were and what they were doing. Airlines and airports required a “TSA’ to check passengers. Changed the world again. The recession of 2008/2009 was a reality check on the banks and corporate bailouts where the new buzz words. GM turned into Government Motors.

Now another moment in time – the YEAR 2020 and the Coronavirus, COVID19. This will change everything. Countries shutting down movement and businesses laying off people. The virus is so infectious that there is hoarding of basic goods at the grocery stores. Schools have shut down, all sporting events cancelled. Even the Summer Olympics of 2020 in Tokyo will be postponed a year.

What now? A realignment of life.

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