Dual Streaming

by Guy T Wehman on March 25, 2020

Where do we go from here?

Nightbeat Radio was started in 2010 as late night talk that meets at the intersection of “Faith and Reason”. The other tag line that we have is that Nightbeat Radio is “Affecting Lives to Affect Lives”.

Quite frankly with the COVID19 and the “stay at home” orders, the entire sports world has stopped. That has taken many off their game. (No pun intended.) With the coaches help, I will keep the fans abreast of the situation.

Moving Forward:

Reaching out to the coaches and decision makers is important. I will attempt to get as many as possible to be a part of the broadcast. Along with the local coaches will be people across the country to aid the healing of the human spirit, and offering their insight in such a tough situation the country finds itself.

We will be streaming on both the Nightbeat Nation channel and the Remotes R Me channel. Once the sporting events resume, then RRM will be for the games.

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