Strange Timing

by Guy T Wehman on September 10, 2014

911attack picWell – today is September 10 one day before the dreaded 9/11 anniversary. A day that most Americans still remember. Granted, many have taken their eye off the ball and are not as vigilant as they were 13 years ago – yet our enemies still remember and haven’t forgotten.

I feel, and this is only the opinion of this writer, the timing of the presidents speech is brazenly awkward. My thinking is that by making the speech, just hours before 9/11 is telegraphing our intent to the enemy. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Extremist Islamists we are merely giving them fuel to strike now before they will get hit.

If we were the enemy and knew that the target we are against is planning a strike, whether by air, ground or worse, you would strike sooner than later to get in your blows before possible annihilation.

May we all beware. the date 9/11 draweth nigh, be vigilant. It is my prayer that my thoughts are wrong and this country America – still the greatest on Earth does not suffer any actions towards it. However ISIS is in this country. WOW


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